About Aunt Betsy



I’m addicted to learning and am that person who just knows stuff. I am known as the Jane of all Things and the Master of Most. As people get to know me, they realize I can answer their burning questions; from how to prepare oatmeal to should they change jobs to advise about their love life and even spiritual counselor. I act as a walking encyclopedia and a life coach.

Creativity is my life, as I began as a dancer (no, not that type, ballet, and musical theater). After retiring from the theater, I looked for a new creative outlet, photography. Studying photography kept me sane as I worked full time as a trial paralegal. Needing a break from lawyers, I opened children and family portrait studio. When the bottom fell out of the economy, the law welcomed me back. With a full-time job, the search for meaning in life led me to pick up a camera again to bring my passions to life.

Having been on a spiritual journey since childhood. This quest for a deeper meaning of life has inspired me to create a photography collection based on it.